Nav Disha Education and Welfare Society is situauted in V.P.O- Sidhrawali, Distt.-Gurgaon, Haryana-122413. We care over all development of differently abled persons with best of the facilities available like Special Education, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, special games, Open Playground, Transport Facility, and many more.
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Disabled pupil too possesses special skills and abilities. These abilities somehow remain hidden from the world due to the differences in them from other citizens in society. Observing these differences Navdisha came up with an objective of producing a self sufficient citizen out of a differently abled student. Our school makes them capable enough to live a life without any problem along with engaging them in a job which they can carry out very easily. There are numerous skills which they learn here in our school like music, painting, dancing, etc. We have special trained staff that is very much compassionate toward these students.

Our Mission:

Navdisha works to provide the best education and skill development to persons with special needs so as to make them self reliant. We help in providing the multifarious services basically for development, rehabilitation and education of children, young adults and adolescents with psychical and manifold disabilities. We work in overall development of the students so as to transform their disability with the involvement of their parents and family. Apart from this we provide awareness on prevention and early management of disability. We also provide platforms for research to facilitate such individuals to live a life with the mainstream society.

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Nav Disha Education & Welfare Society, Sidhrawali, headed by is a special school established for the overall development of mentally as well as physically challenged children to help them lead a happy life.

There are many events that takes place in our school. The main motive of the events held in our school is to encourage our children to participate in various activities like sports, cultural activities, etc. 

Our School has cordially welcomed many delegates on various occasions who have visited our school inspite of their busy schedules just to support our children.